Emergency Service

Emergency Call



Bangkok Hospital Rachasima trauma center’s teams coordinate from the initial transit from accident site through to timely treatment.

Immediate Assistance-Because every second counts

We are prepared to handle emergency accident situations 24 hours through the trauma Alert system for treatment planning of patients in critical condition before transferring to medical specialist.

Full Team- to handle all possible complications

Specialist doctor 7days – 24Hr supported by a multidisciplinary medical team will provide treatment and recovery plan anywhere through the telemedicine system. The team will include general surgeons. Neurosurgeons, burn specialist, radiologist, orthopedic specialists, as well as an anesthesiologist.

Critical Care 7days-24Hr

Surgery room and advanced medical technology are readily available 24/7. These include the emergency department, surgery suites, CCU, ICU, NICU, Lab and Blood bank, X ray, CT scan, MRI, the recovery center, and more.