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Mobile Checkup Center

  Mobile Checkup Center

Occupational medical services provided for the health care of workers cover disease prevention treatment and rehabilitation of workers. Treated is provided by a team of occupational medicine doctors, a multidisciplinary doctor, and a team of occupational health nurses with experience focusing on diagnosis through physical examination, laboratory analysis of results, and the most advanced treatment tools. Our objective is to provide protection, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as referral of patients to other physicians.  However, as most work-related diseases are preventable, this field of medicine focuses heavily on disease prevention.

Occupational Health Examinations

  1. Health examinations before starting work
  2. Legally prescribed health examinations before starting work
  3. Health examinations according to other risks, such as for people working in high or confined places
  4. Annual health examinations
  5. Audiograms
  6. Spirometry
  7. Muscular strength tests
  8. Visual health
  9. Checking levels of various residual substances in the body, such as chromium, cadmium, aluminum, benzene, toluene, ammonia, cyanide, zinc, nickel, styrene, pesticides, xylene, methyl ethyl ketone (butanone), and other harmful substances.

In addition, our Factory Visit Service allows our medical team and occupational medicine nurses to provide risk assessment at your premises and organize an exhibition board to educate your employees in order to prepare them for the health examination. Our service team can give advice both before and after the health examination, and also provide first aid training and vaccination services, so that workers of every occupation can work safely, efficiently, without disease, and with complete physical and mental health.

Unique features of our service

  • Fast results – you will receive a report within 15 days!!!!!!!!
  • After service inspection, our team of physicians and nurses specializing in vocational health can counsel you throughout the process!!!!!!!
  • Our team can analyze the results according to the law and provide further analysis in cooperation with the health team in the factory!!!!!!!
  • We have a team to analyze data, no matter where it was used before. If there is information for us, we can manage to achieve consistency based on actual usage principles.
  • All vocational examination results are directly analyzed by occupational medicine doctors.
  • Diagnostic radiology results come via direct readings by radiologists.

Health examination results are not just numbers, translations and instructions on paper anymore. We will help to eliminate any difficulties in managing the results of your establishment. We are more than service providers.  We are health friends ready to walk with you every step of the way.

Dr.Ratiwat Ueakoonwarawat

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