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Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic

  Diabetes & Endocrine Clinic

Our Diabetes Clinic offers a complete service to treat patient with diabetes, thyroid, and endocrine disorders.  Our multidisciplinary team of diabetes specialists, well-trained nurses, and nutritionists continuously provide treatment and care so our patients may live healthy lives.

Services Provided

  • Diagnosis of diabetes, thyroid, and endocrine disorders
  • Assessment of “pre-diabetes” to prevent the disease
  • Dietary and lifestyle counseling to control blood-sugar levels and to prevent complications
  • Providing knowledge and care for pregnant women with gestational diabetes
  • Weight control clinic for prevention of diabetes and other complications
  • Treatment and preventive care for diabetes patients from complications such as vascular disease, neurological complications, and wounds
  • Patient instructions for diabetes patients
  • Personal health and medical information for patients and families
  • Annual diabetes checks up
  • Rehabilitation and follow-up treatment: Our team of specialized physicians such as ophthalmologists, vascular specialists, infectious disease specialists,
  • nephrologists, physiatrists, and nutritionists provides long-term follow-up care for diabetes patients. We also offer group activities for diabetes patients and
  • families for better understanding of the disease.
  • Diagnosis and advice regarding foot health and footwear
Dr.Thanya Chetthakul

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