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Breast Department

Breast Department

At present, breast cancer is the number one cancer found in women around the world, including in Thailand. Treatment is most effective when the cancer is detected early.

The Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Breast Department is available to screen patients for breast cancer and to provide both physical and mental breast health care. Our specialized medical team performs cosmetic surgery and breast reconstruction to help restore patients’ confidence after breast cancer surgery.

The Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Breast Department’s medical team consists of:

  1. Breast surgeons with specific expertise in the examination and surgical treatment of breast diseases
  2. A plastic surgeon and breast enhancer to help restore breast surgery patients’ breasts to a similar pre-surgery appearance
  3. Oncologists for treatment in addition to surgery, such as chemotherapy
  4. A radiologist with the potential to diagnose disease from the earliest stages with precision
  5. A pathologist with expertise in diagnosing the tissue biopsies from the breasts and lymph nodes, including urgent biopsy by frozen section

Service and treatment at the Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Breast Department

  1. Breast cancer screening and genetic risk determination (BRCA1 & 2)
  2. Digital mammogram & ultrasound
  3. Breast MRI
  4. Aspiration of breast cysts
  5. Fine needle aspiration
  6. Core needle biopsy
  7. Excision of breast mass, microdochectomy & duct excision
  8. Breast conserving surgery and mastectomy
  9. Breast reconstruction
  10. Node biopsy and axillary node dissection

The difference you’ll find when you come to the Bangkok Ratchasima Hospital Breast Surgery Clinic

  1. Providing effective treatment, we consider the safety of the patient (Patient Safety Awareness) and through every treatment process, patients and relatives will participate in decision making. Therefore, we will give you all the information and advice necessary to make an informed decision. We encourage patients to seek out a second opinion, and patients are free to consult professionals at other hospitals to allow them and their relatives to make the best choice.
  2. For the best outcome, we try to keep as much of the breast as possible (Conservative Breast Surgery) and to make the breasts the same size and balanced. This helps to improve the quality of the patient’s life.
  3. We provide you with a continuous follow-up treatment plan after undergoing surgical treatment and chemotherapy, and our specialized nurses are ready to provide advice and consultation for treatment issues.
Dr.Chanchai Wongluechai
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