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Cancer Center


At our Cancer Center, services involve consultation, treatment and care for patients using a wide range of available diagnostic tests, modern technologies and cancer specialists. Our treatments include chemotherapy, palliative care, and after-treatment care to improve quality of life.

Thorough and precise diagnosis is performed using advanced technologies including X-ray imaging, Ultrasound, Mammogram, MRI, CT scan, Blood test, Biopsy, and Liquid Pap Test.

Treatment Plans

For each individual patient, our team of multidisciplinary nurses and cancer specialists creates a plan designed to suit his or her physical, mental, and emotional.

We provide chemotherapy, target therapy, and hormone treatments.

  • Chemotherapy is an administration of drugs which can damage, stop the growth of, or kill cancer cells and help shorten a patient’s hospital stay. While there are different forms of chemotherapy drugs, the most widely used is by intravenous drip. Currently, there is an oral form of chemotherapy medication which is easy to administer and which reduces the patient’s hospitalization period.
  • Targeted Therapy uses medication that targets specific type of cancer and is different from standard chemotherapy.
  • Hormone Therapy is a treatment that adds, blocks or removes hormones to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells that require hormones to grow. Hormone Therapy is also called Hormone Withdrawal Therapy.

Medication can be used to;

  • Supplement other treatments for cancer
  • Prevent and reduce the distribution of cancer cells
  • Slow the growth of cancer cells
  • Kill cancer cells, stopping them from spreading to other parts of the body which is known as metastasis
  • Relieve symptoms of Cancer Therapy

The hospital also offers Cancer surgery treatment by Cancer Surgeon, and Transarterial Oily Chemoembolization or TOCE.  TOCE is used to treat Liver cancer  by injection of Chemotherapy drug to arteries that supply blood to liver and use small material to block the artery that supply blood to cancer cell.  This treatment becomes popular lately because its favorable result.  The experienced radiologist is also part of this treatment. . We also have cancer ward with specialized medical staff to provide optimum care.

Dr.Prachya Vichchathorn
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