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Mental Health Department

  Mental Health Health Department

Currently, one in five Thais suffers from stress and has no one to turn to for assistance. Do you happen to know anyone that might have these conditions?

  • someone who is suffering from depression, anxiety or challenged by bipolar disorder
  • someone who may have developed an addiction to alcohol by drinking to cope with their problems
  • someone who needs encouragement to battle medical disorders
  • someone who undervalues themselves and seeks happiness and success in life
  • someone who is dealing with failure in life, is in distress or is experiencing the ending of a relationship

Mental well-being is an indication of good overall health. The clinic focuses on health care and balancing the mind. People in all of these situations are at risk of depression. Unfortunately, some of these behaviors, such as alcohol and drug abuse, are barriers to successful treatment.
The Psychiatric Clinic provides diagnostic services, treatment and rehabilitation. According to Recovery Oriented Services (ROS), many activities help and support patients to improve their sense of self value. Patients participate in therapeutic programs, specifically designed by our psychiatric team, to meet each person’s needs.

We aim to provide balanced physical and emotional care for patients with symptoms of: depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, suicidal tendencies, or the need to overcome alcohol addiction or drug abuse. Care is also provided for those who are at risk of facing depression while currently battling physical illnesses such as Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer. Behavioral issues that can be an obstacle for physical treatment, such as drinking or smoking habits, can also be treated by our medical team.

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday, 8:00 – 20:00
Location: Neuroscience Center, 4th floor, Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima of Operation:

Dr.Norachard Rattanachata

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