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Emergency Department

   Emergency Department

Safety is the most important factor in transporting patients.  A medical doctor will accompany the patient and the ambulance will be equipped with state-of-the-art life-saving equipment such as vital sign monitoring equipment, Automated External Defibrillator AED, ventilator, infusion pump and suction machine. GPS is installed in all of our ambulances ensuring tracking of the location of the ambulances and navigating the patient to the hospital as quickly and safely as

possible. Our transfer unit also provides;

  • Mobile Coronary Care Unit (Mobile CCU)
  • Mobile Intensive Care Unit (Mobile ICU)
  • Sky ICU Helicopter

BDMS Emergency Services (BES)

Our BES call center has a special function to register the name, address and telephone number of incoming calls to the hospital through a GPS system that will enable the hospital to immediately be able to locate the patient. By sharing information from the emergency center of the hospital, BES Dispatch can coordinate with the nearest hospital to provide an ambulance with an emergency team on time. Moreover, with the assistance of the hospital smartphone application, BES i lert u, we are able to track the smartphone signal for location and information of the patient, which can be crucial in an emergency situation inside your house or anywhere else.

The BES system ensures safe ground and air transportation of patients in emergency situations. We also have an emergency helicopter or Sky ICU standing by for medical conditions requiring immediate care. Moreover, the system will link the emergency patient information to the doctors at the hospital to expedite treatment.

BES Advantages
With its precision GPS, the fastest response is achieved through the readiness of staff and modern technology, all of which are important in responding to an emergency situation. In addition, to maintain the readiness of the system, the hospital is continuously conducting meetings with a team of doctors and nurses and other support staff.

Every second counts. In case of accident or emergency call 1719

Dr.Anuchit Chaiyaboon
Dr.Ulit Thongsupaporn
Dr.Natthaporn Payappanon

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