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Imaging Department

Imaging Department

The Imaging Center at Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima provides radiological imaging, general diagnosis using MRI, CT scan, digital mammogram, ultrasound, general X-ray, and portable X-ray technology, with 24-hour service, every day of the week, for diagnosis or to provide additional information to improve diagnosis accuracy. It is located on the 2nd floor of Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima.

Tools and Technologies Available

  1. General X-ray DR: an x-ray machine for taking radiographic images recorded directly from the beam to the image receiver.  The data can also be transformed with various steps or processes immediately into digital data in order to see many different levels of detail in the images.
  2. Portable X-ray: an X-ray machine that can be used outside of the imaging center for radiographic imaging of various parts of the body.  It is for patients who are difficult to move or who are in the operating room, etc.
  3. Special X-ray: a device used for special radiation tests and displays images of real time detection. It is used for intestinal examination of the stomach, urinary system, etc.
  4. Ultrasound: a tool used for detecting internal organs, using high frequency sound waves to create images.
  5. Digital Mammogram: a tool used to create images within the membranes of the breast using digital X-rays.
  6. 64-Slice CT Scan: an imaging machine using computer-based technology to create cross-body images. This will help a doctor see abnormalities of internal organs without surgery.
  7. MRI 3.0T: a high intensity magnetic field visualization machine used for examination of patients’ lesions. This can be used to make highly-accurate diagnoses according to the differences in tissue.  There is also no radiation exposure in this examination.
  8. PET / CT: a combination of PET technology (Positron Emission Tomography) and a computerized X-ray machine. It is a highly effective tool for cancer diagnosis.
  9. Bone Density Scan: a technique that uses bone density to diagnose osteoporosis.

Medical personnel who provide services

  1. Radiologists (full-time)
  2. Nuclear medicine doctors (part-time)
  3. Medical physicists (part-time)
  4. Radiologists
  5. Professional nurses (Radiology only)
  6. Radiation Assistant technicians
  7. Administrative staff

Contact number : 044-429999 ext. 3215, 3216, 2232

Dr.Teerasak Jiraviwatana
Dr.Sangrawee Chongjaroenjai

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