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Health Promotion Center

Health Promotion Center

The Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima Health Promotion Center has specialized physicians in occupational medicine with specific training in laboratory equipment and diagnostic tools.

The Health Promotion Center can arrange a health check-up program that is tailored the history of illness in your family or for a specific health condition or concern you might have. You can consult a doctor at the Health Promotion Center to make an appointment or arrange a health check-up program that is most suitable for you.

However, doctors at the health check-up center will not prescribe drugs or do any treatments for patients experiencing abnormal conditions. If health problems that require care are detected, the Health Promotion Center will send you to consult with a specialist doctor who will conduct a thorough examination, provide a diagnosis, and suggest appropriate treatment methods. The doctor may order additional tests or prescribe medicines for treatment.

You will receive your examination results through our computer system. If you require your X-rays to be recorder on a CD, please inform the staff of the Health Promotion Center.

Services in the Health Promotion Center

  • Complete physical examination
  • Assessment of patient history
  • Laboratory tests that are certified to international standards including detection of cancer indications
  • Radiological examination
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • Chest X-ray
  • Detection of cervical cancer by Thin Prep method performed by a gynecologist

Health Examination Services

  • General health checks
  • Health checks for contracting company employees, both health checks before entering work and annual health checks
  • Health checks for life insurance applications
  • Health checks for foreign travel
  • Health checks in case of medical certificate requests
  • Vaccination services
  • Call-out health check service by the hospital team consisting of occupational doctors, occupational health nurses, and nursing assistants to check employees’ health at company premises

Preparations for health examinations

General advice

Do not eat or drink for at least 12 hours before the health check, though you can sip a little water.

Bring you ID card or passport to check-in at least 10 minutes before your appointment.

Urine and feces may be collected for examination on the day of the health examination.

If you have an underlying disease or other medical history, please bring your examination results or doctor’s reports to accompany your diagnosis.

If you are taking medication to control your blood pressure, you can continue to eat as recommended by your doctor.

Please refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before the health check.

If you have selected to receive a test of cardiac fitness while exercising, please bring sports shoes.

If you feel you must eat before the examination, you should eat small snacks only, and avoid foods that contain fat, caffeine and alcohol.

If you are undergoing any treatments or taking any medications, please inform the nurse before taking your examination.

 Recommendations for abdominal ultrasound examination

In order to provide the clearest results, you should drink plenty of water and hold your urine for 1-2 hours before taking the examination.

Health Examination Technology

We use health examination technology that is effective, precise and specific to each type of examination.

  • Exercise Stress Test – Cardiovascular fitness instruments record heart activity while the heart is working under various conditions
  • Artery Circulation System (ABI) – Used to diagnose clogging and hardening of the arteries
  • Pulmonary function test – Used to diagnose lung function performance
  • Occupational health and safety monitoring equipment
  • Audiometer – Used to diagnose hearing disorders
  • Bone Density Tester

Hour of operation:

Monday to Sunday 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Health Promotion Center, 4th floor, Bangkok Hospital Ratchasima
Dr.Onsiri Prathompattama
Dr.Trairat Tipmongkol
Dr.Ratiwat Ueakoonwarawat
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